Ross Greenwood speaks to Jonathan Chancellor from about the weekend in real estate 

Ross Greenwood speaks to the CEO of Mission Australia about a new report on the hopes and fears of youth in Australia

Ross Greenwood speaks to Margy Osmond the CEO Tourism Transport Forum about six Chinese airlines flying into Australia by the end of the year

Ross Greenwood speaks to Steve Johnson from Forager Funds Management about the share collapse of Dick Smith 

Ross Greenwood speaks to Chris Richardson from Deloitte Access Economics about the deficit blowing out by a further $38 billion dollars

Treasurer Scott Morrison talks about the Fairfax recycling old claims about the leadership, Budget forecasts, vaccinations, and talking tough as Treasurer

Ray Hadley Highlights: November 30

Listen to the full Ray Hadley Morning Show from November 30

Dr Chris Hart, Clinical Director of Oventus, talks to Ray about his new sleep apnoea device

Father Chris Riley, Founder of Youth Off The Streets, talks to Ray about his Christmas gift card appeal

Assistant Commissioner Frank Mennilli talks to Ray about drugs at Stereosonic after a young woman died, with Ray receiving a tip that security guards are part of the drug problem